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Creative Genius is a revolutionary, braintraining platform set to utilize and strengthen your brain for everyday power!

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Mankind has been fascinated by the brain for decades. The past 20 years has shown us, that the brain holds amazing abilities in changing and developing itself to a level, we never thought possible.


Billions of neurons control every thought, impulse and emotion we do every day connecting them to each other through pathways.

Cognitive neuroscience

The brain is extremely complex.


Constantly recovering new areas of the brain, the neuroscience has uptill now been focused around the frontal lobe which contains most of the dopamine-sensitive neurons which again, is associated with reward, focus, short-term memory and planning. 

Affective neuroscience

Affective neuroscience - also defined as emotional neuroscience is a relatively new area being recovered recently and explored in depth at present. Our research - aswell as our training platform and everything we do, is anchored around emotions and motivation due to one simple fact; Mankind can unleash extraordinary potential when being motivated and able to control - and use their feelings.

Move your brain

Don't worry - we have it all covered.


Our research program and our training platform is being developed with one primary goal: Bringing affective neuroscience further and converting it to everyday life by being able to use the results from our research in a training platform accessable for anyone.

Next generation neuroscience

Creative Genius is a company on a mission: Through cutting edge research within affective neuroscience, it is our ambition to make this research accessable to anyone through a revolutionary brain training platform developed with one objective; to empower you to utilize your capacity and strengthen your brain reaching goals.

Being human

With a core focus on the brain and affective neuroscience, it is our humble goal to conduct research and gain results enabling our users, to train and harness their brain in order to extend and develop the capacity of this amazing muscle and develop it further for a better life; whatever the focus is business, studying or simply just being human! 

We are nothing without you

Creative Genius is a revolutionary platform enabling the user, to train the brain within skills defining creativity, focus and motivation. Grounded in many years of research, we are making it possible to improve these skills - and measure it directly on the screen. Or simply as we say it; move your brain.

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