About Creative Genius

Next generation neuroscience

Creative Genius - a company on a mission.

Through cutting edge research within affective neuroscience, it is our ambition to make this research accessable to anyone through a revolutionary brain training platform developed with one objective; to empower you to utilize your capacity and strengthen your brain reaching goals, you never tought achieveable!

Join us

Creative Genius consists of a small, skilled and dedicated group of individuals.


Still working in beta we are currently building our platform, our research and our entire presence.


Have a look and do not hesitate contacting us.

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Are you a school?

Whether you are a school, a university or just related as a teacher or a student, we'd love to hear from you.


We take a large interest and responsibility in offering our product as a service for students and their teachers in enhancing and building the brains of our future.

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Are you a business?

In today's world, competition and survival is tougher than ever as a company. No matter size, the most important resource for any given company are the brainpower available within the company. 


With Creative Genius, any company will have the ability to measure the skills of their personnel, to train them and thereby, developing the brainpower available to the company.

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Meet the Creative Genius partners and contributors and learn more about the development of our platform.


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Creative Genius is a european based research company headquartered in Denmark. Our mission is divided into 2:

  • Bringing neuroscience further with a core focus on emotions, focus and motivation
  • Bringing you a digital training platform revolutionizing the way we exercise our brain

Through extensive research programmes from our own research lab, we are working with both companies, educational institutions and groups of individuals - targeting all 3 segments with one clear objective: Your brain has endless possibilities in taking you further. Our job is to provide you with a customized tool helping you harness your brain and exploit your full potential. Why? Because it’s your life – your brain!

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