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Genius is defined as "extraordinary intellectual and creative power".

Creative Genius is a revolutionary platform enabling the user, to train the brain within skills defining creativity, focus and motivation.

Grounded in many years of research, we are making it possible to improve these skills - and measure it directly on the screen. Or simply as we say it; move your brain.

In today's world, competition and survival is tougher than ever as a company. No matter size, the most important resource for any given company are the brainpower available within the company. The brain is an instrument - a tool. Like every other tool, working ability weakens during use without proper training.

A whole new platform

We are currently building our platform together with a number of scientists across the world - working in different fields within creativity and neurosience.


But we are nothing without you.


Companies around the globe can benefit massively from this product and in betastage, we would like to cooperate with companies in order to bring our betaversion to action in real life.



Whether you are a school, a university or just related as a teacher or a student, we'd love to hear from you.


We take a large interest and responsibility in offering our product as a service for students and their teachers in enhancing and building the brains of our future.

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Meet the team

Creative Genius consists of a small, skilled and dedicated group of individuals.


Still working in beta we are currently building our platform, our research and our entire presence.


Have a look and do not hesitate contacting us.

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Meet the Creative Genius partners and contributors and learn more about the development of our platform.


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Take action now

With Creative Genius, any company will have the ability to measure the skills of their personnel, to train them and thereby, developing the brainpower available to the company. Spending a few minutes every day, significant results can be achieved coming to innovation, creativity, problemsolving, focus and motivation.

- we'll surely keep you well informed about progress for your organisation to unleash it's full potential.

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