The Creative Genius logo

Grounded in research

...our logo is not just a sign in a random colour

With a knowledge based company doing cutting edge research within affective neuroscience, we needed to come up with a logo with deep roots into our brain.

Recent research within the effects of colours shows, that blue boosts creativity while orange symbolizes mindfullness.

A perfect match for us - also complementing each other well.

Our logo is no coincidence either. It started with a puzzle of the letters "C" and "G" from Creative Genius. Going through a development where we certainly needed to put all our creative skills to the table, which made the logo figure a variety of the infinite symbol - just as our research. Never finished, never mapped completely and never ending. At the same time, it suffered a reference to MC Escher and his optical illusions.

We are quite satisfied with the result and hope, it will bring as much joy to our users as it does to us.

Creation date: 10 December 2013

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