Braintraining.....Is it a myth?

....Or can it actually provide an impact?

Once one said; We are what we eat.

Looking at latest research, that is no longer the entire truth! Fact is, we are what we think, do and feel - among that, depending on, what we eat. 

Another old saying is, that our genes determine the fate of our brain. Again, research within our brain has discovered plasticity - our brains possibility in changing, adopting and learning throughout life.

So no, there is nothing in our genes telling, how bright you are considered being - or how fast you can learn. 

The brain is a complex muscle. It contains of a very large number of neural circuits supporting a large variety of cognitive, executive and emotional funtions. And with the recent discoverd ability for the brain to adopt - plasticity - using or exercising each and every "skill" within the brain is very likely to affect the brain in a positive way.

Like the "body-age" wellknown from psycical fitness telling you, how old your body actual are from a variety of parameters, the socalled "brain-age" is pure fiction. Our brain ages but we have the ability to continue development just like kids absorbing massive amount of information. 

So, is braintraining actually working?

Yes. Braintraining - when meeting certain criterias has shown from various research-projects, to benefit and improve brainfunctions in ways, that enhance real-world outcome.

As long as my brain is working, why should i do braintraining then?

Good question. But you probably fuel your car, service it now and then in order for it, to keep performance and working longer. The exact same reason, as to why, braintraining is for everybody. Good thing here is, that it doesn't just make the brain working longer - it actually makes it perform better too.

Creative Genius is working hard on our platform set to enhance and harness your brainabilities - discovering new areas and possibilities you never tourght possible. It will without doubt set the standard for brain training talking emotional neuroscience and among there, our skills within motivation, focus and problem solving. 

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